IKONIC Brands - Brand Strategy, 5 Branding Channels


There are only five avenues where you can promote your brand. They are:

1️⃣ Website and Landing Pages
2️⃣ Social Media
3️⃣ Online Marketing
4️⃣ Promotional Marketing
5️⃣ Traditional and Digital Media

Let’s go through each one in more detail …

IKONIC Brands - Brand Strategy, 5 Branding Channels


  •  You have 100% control over your content 100% of the time. You decide what you add on every page regarding your visual identity, copy, photos, videos, testimonials, case studies, and more!
  • This is your virtual shop and your best opportunity to share your messages precisely how you want to and how your target market wants to be communicated with.
  • Your company website guides your prospects through the ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ stages of the journey to discover that you can provide the right solution to their problems.


  • Yes, all the platforms are free, but you must use Social Media strategically. Choose the top 1 or 2 sites your target market is active on and dominate them.
  • Be the leader in your industry, create a voice to be heard, a brand to be followed, and a second-to-one presence.
  • Remember to be your authentic self and not a copy of someone else. Credibility comes from sharing your knowledge and experience and showing value to your audience.


  • Think of other websites, web directories, newsletters, blogs, email signatures, and forums.
  • Being online gives business owners and entrepreneurs many opportunities to reach their prospects and clients in various ways.
  • Your messages must cut through the ‘noise’ to reach the right people in the right way.


  • You control the messages you create and where you distribute them, such as your flyers, brochures, books, pull-up banners, and branded merchandise.
  • They must be seen by the right people and make a memorable impression. And this will depend significantly on how you design, create and deliver your messages, so be strategic.
  • Physical marketing assets require an experienced Graphic Designer who can take care of all the finer details.


  • Think TV, newspapers, industry journals, magazines (printed and online) and radio (AM/FM and digital).
  • This channel is very time-sensitive. They have short lead times for distribution and can’t wait for you to get organised. So your media kit must be ready and online with various photos, videos, clear visual identity, bios, and proof of experience.
  • To make an impact in this industry, you must be prepared when the media approaches you for an expert opinion, interview, or to write an article.

The power of effective branding lies in harnessing the potential of multiple channels. You can create a comprehensive and impactful brand presence by strategically utilising your website, social media platforms, online marketing efforts, promotional marketing, and traditional & digital media.

Each channel offers unique opportunities to connect with your target audience, build trust, and establish a strong brand identity. Remember, a cohesive and consistent approach across these branding channels will strengthen your brand’s impact and position you for long-term success in today’s competitive marketplace.

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