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Are you looking to supercharge your brand’s online reputation?

Customer reviews can make or break your success in today’s competitive business landscape. That’s why we’ve developed a practical and effective 7-step framework to guide your valued clients in writing perfect Google reviews, Linkedin recommendations and testimonials to take your business to new heights.

We understand the importance of authentic feedback in building trust and attracting customers. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how compelling reviews are structured to highlight your client’s positive experience, showcase the value of your business, and boost your brand’s reputation.

Let’s dive into the 7-step framework to transform your business’s online presence and leave a lasting impact.

92% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

Source: FORBES

Share our 7-step framework with your clients to:

✅ Enable effortless and speedy reviews for your clients.

✅ Create reviews that captivate and entice future customers.

Enhance your professional credibility and reputation.

IKONIC Brands_How to get compelling Google Reviews

A review that simply says, “XYZ company is awesome, highly recommend,” lacks the substance and purpose needed to convince and motivate others.

Testimonials are all about storytelling, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Their purpose is to convey a message, share a learning experience, or persuade someone to choose your services.

Each testimonial should follow a hero’s journey, starting with a scene-setting introduction. Once faced with challenges, a trigger motivates action. A guide appears with a plan to solve problems, initially uncertain but eventually proven trustworthy. Together, you overcome obstacles and restore balance. Sharing the deciding factor that led you to choose our services is an added bonus for future clients.

With our 7-step framework, your clients can craft compelling Google reviews, amazing testimonials, and professional LinkedIn recommendations.


#1 Purpose

Write your testimonial as if you’re speaking to a trusted friend or a supportive family member. Remember that your words will be read by your prospects and future clients. The purpose is to guide them towards recognising the value you offer and inspire them to take action.

#2 Background

Begin by setting the scene and introducing yourself. Share who you are and what you do. This context helps the reader understand your perspective and why you’re writing this review. By sharing your status, position, profession, and standing in the business, you create a closer connection with the reader.

#3 Trigger

Briefly explain the situation that led you to search for a solution. Identify the trigger or the change that prompted you to take action. What made you realise that now is the time to seek a solution? Triggers offer insights into your motivation and resonate with the pain points your fellow clients may have faced.

#4 Hesitation

Share any hesitations you had before making the purchase. Were there doubts or obstacles holding you back? Did past experiences with similar providers leave you cautious? Briefly mention how those experiences made you feel and the state they left you in.

#5 Decision

State the ultimate reason you chose us. What set us apart from the competition? Highlight the specific aspect of our business, service, product, or experience that convinced you we were the right choice. Emphasise the most important and valuable element that made you feel secure in your decision.

#6 Results

Describe the changes and results you experienced with our product or service. Highlight what you loved the most and how it made you feel. Share the outcomes for your business and the personal impact. Connect with the logical and emotional aspects to justify the purchase and tap into your sense of self-worth, esteem, and fulfillment.

#7 Undecided

Imagine someone who is undecided about buying. What would you say to your best friend to help them make a decision? Avoid generic phrases like “trust me” or “take a chance.” Instead, provide positive insights that address their concerns and inspire action. Offer encouragement and genuine support to help them feel confident in their choice.

Incorporating our 7-step framework into your review generation strategy can be a game-changer for your business. By empowering your clients to write compelling Google reviews, you enhance your online reputation, inspire trust, and attract new customers. Take the next step towards success and share this powerful framework with your clients today.

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