IKONIC Brands - Is your brand going on holiday, here's 6 easy ways to safeguard your brand


You might be going on holiday, but your brand isn’t.

Brands live 24/7, 365.

So, how do you maintain your brand awareness easily and quickly whilst on holiday without creating new content?

These six ways will help you keep your brand top of mind when you’re away.


Share content from influencers and leaders outside your industry that your audience will appreciate and benefit from.


Comment on your colleague’s and clients’ posts with encouragement or questions to continue the conversation.


Repost your popular and high-performing single posts, carousels, videos, articles, etc. (check your stats).


Blogs are great to share again, as a text post with three ‘pain-point’ questions that are answered in a specific blog post on your website.


Share them as a text post with three ‘away’ questions and next week with three ‘towards’ questions.


Never stop informing your target market about how you can help them solve their challenges and achieve their goals.

Even when you’re taking a well-deserved break, it’s crucial to keep your personal and business brand active and thriving. While you’re here, explore our Brand Scorecards designed specifically for your Personal Brand and Business Brand. By completing the scorecard, you’ll uncover any areas that may need improvement and receive a customized plan to address them effectively.

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. The Personal and Business Brand Scorecards will assess your brand and show you what needs fixing.

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