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IKONIC Brands, Brand Agency for Personal and Business Branding for business owners of service businesses

Life is too precious to be spending it working long hours every day

You shouldn’t have to be a personal brand expert to have a winning brand that brings in quality leads, high-end clients and more sales. This is what our team specialises in.

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Backing the courageous ones

Building personal brands is something we take seriously. Your brand will help power your business. Your business will help support you, your family and your team.

We want you to succeed and have the best personal brand to achieve your business goals. That’s why our approach is methodical, organised and based on years of experience with systems and models that we’ve created.

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. Helping business owners of service based businesses build premium brands.

Our team specialises in building authority personal brands for professional service providers such as coaches, consultants, and the founders and owners of SMEs.

It’s time you had an authority personal brand so let’s make that happen for you.

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. We design and build Personal and Business brands for owners of service businesses.

Your Brand Strategy is built with our proven systems

We build brands like engineers: professionally, comprehensively and with systems that work every time. You have peace of mind knowing that your brand is created with excellence.

IKONIC Brands: The Brand Mastery System

Our Signature System, the Brand Mastery System, gives you a premium brand built on solid foundations that captivate your ideal clients.

IKONIC Brands: 7 Branding Principles that make up the Brand Identity Model

Our Brand Identity Model® embodies the
7 Branding Principles and 24 branding elements so all the critical branding areas covered in detail.

IKONIC Brands: The Brand Strategy System

With our B.R.A.N.D Strategy System™️ we build your comprehensive Brand Strategy to create a brand that will captivate your ideal clients.

IKONIC Brands: The 5 Brand Channels

Our Branding Channels™️ model shows you exactly where and how you can promote your business to maximise ROI.

Branding Solutions

Designed for every stage of your journey


We gain a solid understanding of your business and your goals. Then we thoroughly review your existing brand and provide a detailed report of what’s missing, how to fix it and a prioritised action plan.

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. We design and build Personal and Business brands for owners of service businesses.


We create your Brand Strategy using our unique IKONIC Brand Identity Model™️.

Your strategy covers the 7 Branding Principles and the 24 branding elements. The outcome is a detailed Brand Strategy document that everyone involved with your branding and marketing will ever need. 

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. We design and build Personal and Business brands for owners of service businesses.


This is your DONE FOR YOU brand implementation solution. With our team of branding and marketing specialists we project manage the creation of all your brand assets and develop your premium brand. 
IKONIC Brands, Brand Marketing. We design your Brand strategy then build your Personal and Business brands and manage your photos, videos, copywriting, graphic design, web design, social media marketing and more.



Firstly, we review where you’re at and where you’d like to go, so we are crystal clear on the outcome. Then we create your comprehensive and personalised Brand Strategy. The Brand Strategy is a 50-plus page document. Yes, it’s detailed.



We create the four key branding elements you must have: a series of branding photos and videos, visual (graphic) design and all the copy for your website and marketing materials.

We design and build your comprehensive website to position you as a leader and generate quality leads. Plus, create relevant online and offline marketing assets for your brand and business goals.



We’ll build and execute a promotional strategy to launch your new brand or rebrand. This will build brand awareness and credibility and gain new followers and qualified enquiries.


All business owners know that a lack of momentum kills your business. Being stagnant due to indecision, lack of knowledge, and experience leaves you lagging behind the competition, losing clients and revenue.

All great business owners seek and advice of specialist consultants to  problem solve, brainstorm, develop new strategies and scale up their brand.

With a Brand Strategist in your corner advising you on your brand you’ll get on the right track fast and moving towards your goals with confidence and certainty.

IKONIC Brands, Brand Coaching. We guide you as you build your brand and help you with branding photos, branding videos, copywriting, graphic design, web design, social media marketing and more.

How do you build a Brand?

For most business owners it’s straight into creating their Brand Strategy and then onto implementing their brand with our Brand MarketingTo get started go ahead and book your FREE Brand Review.

Book a FREE Brand Review

To build your authority brand, we must know precisely the state of your brand, your business goals and how your brand is currently positioned for success. Then, and only then, are we ready to build your Brand Strategy, which will set you up for ultimate brand success.

Design and Build

An authority website positions you as a leader and establishes credibility, builds trust and generates quality leads. We build all the branding assets for your website (like photos, videos, copywriting, graphic design), and the entire website, along with other crucial marketing assets needed to succeed.


Promote and Optimise

Launching your new brand is strategically executed with a well-thought-out plan to maximise the reach of your target market, gain followers and quality leads, and position you ahead of your competition with a brand people want to engage with. Additionally, we continually enhance your brand for optimal performance.

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist.

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist. I thought I had a handle on my brand but it turns out I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did! Thank you Kosta for all your hard work. You are greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Dekyvere

Principal, The Dressing Coach

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. The Personal and Business Brand Scorecards will assess your brand and show you what needs fixing.

Is your brand optimised for success?

Unlock your brand’s potential with our FREE brand Scorecards! 

Get a detailed report and expert suggestions on how to improve your brand. And it only takes 7 minutes!

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