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Are you wasting a ton of money on marketing?


You don’t have a plan or specific goals to achieve your targets.


Your marketing seems to be eating up too much time and money.


You’re not confident about doing the branding and marketing.


You’re not getting enough qualified leads and high-end sales.


Your website isn’t bringing in sales or helping you close deals.


People aren’t clear about what you do or how you can help them.

Your time, money and energy shouldn’t be wasted. Instead of continuing to slug it out and hoping for the best, get an expert on your side and start winning the day.

Kosta Iatrou presenting at the Intelligent Millionaires Club on Branding

Is there a way to improve your band and get more ideal clients?

As business owners, we all know the immense value the right consultant can bring to our business. And to build your brand so that it attracts the right high-end clients takes an expert who lives and breathes branding, literally.

Our consultancy service isn’t about ticking the boxes or using a cookie-cutter approach. It’s tailored, results-driven, and makes your business run so much smoother and profitable.

How it works

Brand Strategy Call

Let us better understand your business and assess the state of your brand, your goals and where your brand needs to be.

Select the package for you

One size never fits all. Together we determine the best solution to meet your goals.

Onboarding and coaching!

We establish your plan for your coaching duration. Now you’ve got a Brand Strategist on your team. Let’s start winning!

Meet your Brand Strategist

Kosta Iatrou is the founder and brand strategist of IKONIC Brands. With 15 years of corporate experience in Engineering and Project Management, Kosta has developed and trademarked several models and systems that build high-performing brands. In addition, he leads a team of branding and marketing specialists collaborating to create brands that resonate with audiences and deliver results.

Kosta has spoken at numerous prestigious events on the importance and process of branding and building an authority brand. As a business owner, Kosta understands the pressures and demands of running a service-based business. He has helped many business owners in their journey of creating a high-performing brand.

At IKONIC Brands, Kosta believes that every business owner deserves a brand that they love and that works for them. His proprietary Brand Identity model includes the 7 Branding Principles and 24 critical elements and is a robust and comprehensive brand-building system. All brand services, from the Brand Scorecard to the Brand Domination program, use this model to deliver exceptional results.

When you work with Kosta and his team, you can expect a clear path towards creating a high-performing brand that builds trust and credibility and attracts high-end clients. Your Brand Strategy call with Kosta is the first step towards achieving your brand goals, as he comprehensively analyses your brand’s state and outlines the steps needed to fix it.

Kosta Iatrou - Brand Strategist

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist.

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist. I thought I had a handle on my brand but it turns out I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did! Thank you Kosta for all your hard work. You are greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Dekyvere

Principle, The Dressing Coach

Brand Coaching Packages

We focus on three core aspects so you can build a better brand faster. And whether you’re after a rapid approach or prefer a moderate pace, there’s a Brand Coaching package for you.

Clear pathway with individual steps to reach your goals

Leadership, guidance and support with every coaching program

Accountability to unlock your potential and elevate your success

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have several questions about the packages and how they work. Here are some FAQs from clients. If your questions aren’t answered here please contact us so we can answer your questions fully.

What's included in the Brand Building Workbook?

The Brand Building Workbook is your workbook to take notes and enter your ‘homework’. It’s a tailored workbook that we create after your Planning and Goal setting session to include everything you need for the next 12 weeks of your coaching package.

Can my life or business partner join in?

Yes, of course, they can.

We strongly suggest they attend and participate in the Planning and Goal setting session at the start, so you’re both on the same page. That way, if one of you misses out on a session, at least you have an understanding of what we’re doing and where we’re heading.

Are the coaching sessions exactly 1hr?


Each Brand Coaching Session is, what we call a ‘fat-hour’, meaning that each session doesn’t end at 60-min, unless that’s what we agree on, but rather we typically go over by 10-15min to ensure we cover everything needed for that session.

How many emails, SMSs and phone calls can I make in between my sessions?

Typically, we’re happy with 1-2 short calls, SMSs or emails per week to clarify a point or two or share information. We focus all our effort during the session on clarifying everything you need. If you require more assistance during the week, we can upgrade your package to the PLUS version by adding additional hours of support at $175/hr. We can discuss this, if required, after the first month when we have a good understanding of how you’d like to work.

Can I upgrade to a higher brand coaching package after I've started?

Yes, you can.

Depending on when you decide to do this will depend on the difference in the package price. We can determine the amount and let you know before we make any changes.

When are the brand coaching sessions conducted?

We select a specific day and time for your Brand Coaching session each week, fortnight or month based on the package you’ve selected. That way, we both know exactly when we are meeting. This also allows us to schedule calls with other clients and be effective with our time so we can focus on your sessions.

What does the 'fair use policy' refer to?

Fair use is another way of saying reasonable or considerate. In practical terms, this means:

Limited is up to 2 of all the different contact methods per week included in your package. 

Unlimited is as many as you need. Again, within reason, this would be up to 3-4 of all the different contact methods per week included in your package.

If you require additional support in between your Brand Coaching sessions, we can do that for you. We’ll discuss how many more hours per week you need and add that to your package.

Can I get more contact hours for my brand coaching package?


If you require additional support in between your Brand Coaching sessions, we can do that for you. We’ll discuss how many more hours per week you need and add that to your package.

Are you looking for something else perhaps?

If a Brand Coaching isn’t what you’re looking for, we suggest you consider our other services.

Brand Marketing

When you want to be seen as a market leader, consistently attract high-end clients and simply make life easier for you, then the Brand Domination Program sounds right for you.

Brand Strategy

We design and create your Brand Blueprint covering the 7Ps of branding using our BRAND system and Brand Identity Model.

Brand Audit

We thoroughly review your existing brand and provide a detailed report of what’s missing, how to fix it and a prioritised action plan.

Helping you build a better brand

Branding know-how for Business Owners that want to grow their brand fast.

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