Great brands are built on solid foundations

We create a unique strategy for your brand that covers the 7 Branding Principles and the 24 branding elements. Your brand strategy embodies everything you need to build a premium brand.

IKONIC Brands, Brand Strategy. We design and build Personal and Business brands for owners of service businesses.

Are you wasting a ton of money on branding and marketing?


Your prospects focus on the price and not the value of your solution.


People aren’t clear about what you do or how you can help them.


You’re unsure where and how to promote your business on/offline.


You seem to be attracting the wrong people and wasting time.


Your marketing is based on what your competitors are doing.


You don’t have a product eco system that provides a journey for clients 


You don’t have a detailed plan for building your brand.


Your website and other marketing collateral aren’t bringing in enough enquiries.


You haven’t created your signature system, your unique method of delivering your ultimate solution.


You haven’t got a working ascending transaction model working properly.

Your brand, if created and defined thoroughly, will play a big part in delivering great results. This will stop the guesswork and give you ultimate confidence.

Kosta Iatrou founder of IKONIC Brands presenting on brand strategy.

You have too much at stake not to have a brand strategy

Your brand must be built on solid foundations where you and your team know exactly what you stand for, who your ideal clients are, what products and solutions you offer, how you are positioned in the market, and how you show-up and promote your business.

Create your Brand Strategy in 5 steps

IKONIC Brands: The Brand Strategy System


Complete the Brand Vision Board and detailed Brand Questionnaire


Conduct thorough online and offline research


Evaluate the data from the initial two steps


Establish a premium position for your brand


Compose the Brand Strategy document encompassing the 7 Branding Principles and 25 Branding elements

Meet your Brand Strategist

Kosta Iatrou, Founder of IKONIC Brands and Brand Strategist, has helped many business owners on their journey of creating a high-performing brand. He leads a team of specialists that collaborate in building brands. Plus, he’s spoken at several events on the importance and process of branding and building your authority brand.

As a business owner, Kosta knows first-hand the pressures and demands of running a service-based business, as he’s experienced this in his businesses and partnerships. And since he developed the Brand Identity model, he’s shown business owners a clear path towards creating a high-performing brand.

With Kosta’s Engineering and Project Management corporate experience, he’s developed and trademarked several systems and models that build high-performing brands. Kosta believes that you shouldn’t have to be a brand expert to have a brand that you love and works for you, so you aren’t frustrated with the lack of quality leads, few high-end sales and low cash flow whilst your competitors pass you by. That’s why all the brand services, from the Brand Scorecard to the Brand Domination program, use the Brand Identity model that includes the 7Ps of branding with the 25 critical elements. It’s the most robust and comprehensive brand-building system.

When you do the Brand Strategy call with Kosta, you’ll know the state of your brand and what’s needed to fix it. It’s the first step for you to have a high-performing brand that builds trust and credibility and attract high-end clients.

Kosta Iatrou, Brand Strategist at IKONIC Brands

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist.

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist. I thought I had a handle on my brand but it turns out I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did! Thank you Kosta for all your hard work. You are greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Dekyvere

Principle, The Dressing Coach

Brand Strategy Packages

We understand the power of a strong brand to drive success. Whether you’re a Solo entrepreneur, Micro Business, or SME, our tailored solutions will unlock your brand’s potential, helping you stand out and achieve your goals. Discover the impact of a strategically positioned and authentically crafted brand.

Unleash your potential

Positioned to win

Drive sustainable growth

Kosta Iatrou, Brand Strategist at IKONIC Brands

Book your FREE Brand Review

Let’s take a look at how your current brand is presented publicly by first reviewing your website and social media accounts.

Your FREE Brand Review is a personalised assessment and a 30-min Zoom session with our Brand Strategist, Kosta Iatrou. The objective is to highlight what’s working, what needs improving and how to best make that happen.

Are you looking for something else perhaps?

If a Brand Strategy isn’t what you’re looking for, we suggest you consider our other services.

Brand Marketing

When you want to be seen as a market leader, consistently attract high-end clients and simply make life easier for you, then the Brand Domination Program sounds right for you.

Brand Audit

We thoroughly review your existing brand and provide a detailed report of what’s missing, how to fix it and a prioritised action plan.

Brand Coaching

When you’d like a Brand Strategist in your corner guiding you as you work on your brand, then one of our coaching solutions might be the way to go to get you started.

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