A complete branding solution for new brands and rebrands

We brand and project manage everything from start to finish. It’s precise, it’s structured, and it’s comprehensive.

Are you trying to build your brand without a detailed plan and the right people to put it all together, and it’s not working?


Your leads are hit-and-miss, and you don’t have enough of the right people enquiring.


You see your competitors moving forward, but you can’t keep up.


Your marketing never seems to work just right, and you’re not
sure why?


Your website looks ok, but it’s not bringing in sales or helping you close deals.

If it’s time you had an authority brand, then the Brand Marketing could be right for you.

Kosta Iatrou IKONIC Brands Brand Agency building Personal and Business Brands for consultants and coaches
Kosta Iatrou presenting at the Intelligent Millionaires Club on Branding

Is there a way to get an authority brand without having the budget of Apple, Nike or Netflix?

We all know that big brands are built strategically and methodically. Everything is done by design and well thought out by experts with years of experience to propel the brand forward for growth and profitability.

The same strategies and methodologies are available for your business. We deep into the essence of your brand to discover its true purpose and meaning and create a structured brand strategy to connect and engage with your target market effortlessly.

So the answer is, yes, you can.

How does it work?

Brand Innovation

First, we create your Brand Strategy. The foundation of everything ‘branding’ in your business.


Brand Creation

We design all your brand elements: Visual Identity, Copy, Photos, Video and your Personal Styling.

Brand Application

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing asset and is designed to deliver results.


Brand Promotion

We plan and implement promotions across specific Branding Channels to achieve your goals.


Brand Optimisation

Once your brand is launched we’ll measure, review and fine tune your brand so it continues to perform.

Meet your Brand Strategist

Kosta Iatrou, founder of IKONIC Brands and Brand Strategist, has helped many business owners on their journey of creating a high-performing brand. He leads a team of specialists that collaborate in building brands. Plus, he’s spoken at several events and written articles on process building your authority brand.

As a business owner since 2005, Kosta knows first-hand the pressures and demands of running a service-based business, as he’s experienced this in his businesses and partnerships. And since he developed the Brand Identity Model®, he’s shown business owners a clear path towards creating a high-performing brand.

With Kosta’s Engineering and Project Management corporate experience, he’s developed and trademarked several systems and models that build high-performing brands. Kosta believes that you shouldn’t have to be a brand expert to have a brand that you love and works for you, so you aren’t frustrated with the lack of quality leads, few high-end sales and low cash flow whilst your competitors pass you by.

That’s why all the brand services, from the Brand Scorecard to our Brand Marketing, use the Brand Identity Model® that includes the 7 Branding Principles with the 25 branding elements. It’s the most robust and comprehensive brand-building system.

To get started, Kosta will do a free review your brand. It’s your first step to a high-performing brand that builds trust, credibility and attracts your ideal clients.

Kosta Iatrou IKONIC Brands Brand Agency building Personal and Business Brands for consultants and coaches

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist.

Kosta is 100% the expert brand strategist. I thought I had a handle on my brand but it turns out I didn't know nearly as much as I thought I did! Thank you Kosta for all your hard work. You are greatly appreciated.

Suzanne Dekyvere

Principle, The Dressing Coach

What do I get?

The Brand Domination program has everything included. All five stages of building your brand are planned in detail and executed by our expert team methodically. The result for you is an outstanding and performing authority brand.

Your role is mainly at the beginning, in Brand Innovation, where we design your Brand Blueprint. Then you’re involved in approving each step of the way.

We brand and project manage every aspect of your brand. In stage 5, after we’ve launched your brand, we’ll continue to review, measure and fine-tune your brand so it continues to perform and deliver results.

Are you looking for something else perhaps?

If a Brand Marketing isn’t what you’re looking for, we suggest you consider our other services.

Brand Strategy

We design and create your Brand Strategy that covers the 7 Branding Principles using our B.R.A.N.D system and Brand Identity Model®.

Brand Audit

We thoroughly review your brand across your website and social media accounts and provide you with a detailed report of what’s missing, how to fix it and a prioritised plan to get you started.

Brand Coaching

When you’d like a Brand Strategist in your corner guiding you as you work on your brand, then Brand Coaching might be the way to go to get you on the right track.

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